Post Repair Inspection


Have you endured a no-fault road accident? Wondering if the repairs were up to scratch? My Car Inspection offers an approved post-repair inspection to determine the quality of the smash repair carried out on your vehicle. We ensure they have done the job properly and note down any defects in our full warranty report.


While it’s crucial to check the structural repair of your vehicle for safety, it’s also important to check that the quality of paintwork and replacement parts is of a high standard (e.g. original parts). If not, then it can affect the car’s value upon resale. Your investment is important – so protect it today with a Post Repair Inspection by our qualified mechanics.

My Car Inspection can travel to your approved repair centre or inspect the car at your home or workplace post-inspection. Just contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

As well as a verbal report via telephone, the full written report will be mailed / emailed to you by the next working day.

Please enquire for pricing, as costs vary


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