Post Repair Forensic Vehicle Examinations

My Car Inspection specialising in forensic examing accident collisiom repaired, Hail Damage. We offers an approved post-repair inspection to determine the quality of the smash repairer carried out on your vehicle. We ensure they have done the job properly and note down any defects in our full warranty report.

While it’s crucial to check the structural repair of your vehicle for safety, it’s also important to check that the quality of paintwork and replacement of parts for high standard (e.g. original parts). If not, then it can affect the car’s value upon resale. Your investment is important – so protect it today with a Post Repair forensic Vehicle Inspection by our qualified Inspector.

My Car Inspection can travel to your Smash repair center or inspect the car at your home or workplaceS

  • Pinpoint the location of initial damage
  • Uncover the forces of accident
  • Determine the extent of accident, hail damage or repair work
  • Establish wether the repair work are consistent to manufactures guidelines
  • Determine whether the damage would have constituted classification as a statutory or repairable Write-off
  • Odometer tampering evidence
  • Uncover if the vehicle has been stolen, Ghosted, Cloned, Re-Birthed, Cut and shut, strip and buy back, Upgraded model
  • Dashboard Warning Lights
  • Unresolved Mechanical Issues

Some of common warning signs:

  • Rattling or Noises
  • Mildew Smell in the Interior/Signs of Water Leaks
  • Steering Wheel Pulls to the Left or Right
  • Worn Tires
  • Asymmetrical or Uneven Gaps in Your Vehicle’s Body Lines
  • Difficulty Opening or Closing Doors
  • Dashboard Warning Lights
  • Unresolved Mechanical Issues

If you notice any of these problems in the performance or function of your vehicle, it may indicate serious structural problems beneath the surface. For example, if you see differences in the gaps between parts on the left side of your vehicle vs. the right side of your vehicle, it could mean that your vehicle’s structure is significantly out of alignment. A vehicle that has been returned to you in this asymmetrical state probably has serious problems with its structural integrity.

Unfortunately, many body shops cut corners and do not follow manufacturer repair procedures, all in the interests of turning over a high volume of work and cut the cost down. When manufacturer repair procedures aren’t followed, you end up with serious problems with quality and safety.


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