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Car Wash Vehicle Damage

As experts we have examined many cars and studied the mechanics of automated car wash systems. We have produced reports both for and against car wash manufacturers. In some cases there has been mechanical fault, in others, operator or vehicle owner error. Not only can we say we establish cause, but our estimating system allows…
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Classic Car Inspections

My Car Inspection provide a range of vehicle examinations. We provide detailed reports dealing with the following areas of dispute or complaint. Pre purchase assessment Mechanical and bodywork problems Valuation for insurance - Agreed value policy Valuation disputes A real Classic Car -Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow MkI 1968 front DHC This car was built by Rolls Royce apprentices…
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Car Inspection in Sydney.

Our mission is to make sure that you find and purchase the right car at the right price and to make buying a used car a much more enjoyable experience. WE ALSO SPECIALISE IN INSPECTING PRESTIGE VEHICLES GIVING YOU COMPLETE CONFIDENCE THAT THE SUPER CAR YOU’VE GOT YOUR EYE ON IS MECHANICALLY AND STRUCTURALLY SOUND..…
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