Classic Car Inspections

My Car Inspection provide a range of vehicle examinations. We provide detailed reports dealing with the following areas of dispute or complaint.

  • Pre purchase assessment
  • Mechanical and bodywork problems
  • Valuation for insurance - Agreed value policy
  • Valuation disputes

A real Classic Car -Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow MkI 1968 front DHC

This car was built by Rolls Royce apprentices and designed by the late Amhurst Villiers who engaged Ted Allen as his expert in a subsequent court case which was reported on the front page of The Times newspaper.Mr Viller's called it his Deauville design. It was to commemorate his association with Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Mr Villiers designed the super charger on the old Bentley Blowers.

This shows the plumbing ready for the turbos on this Sceptre engine. Regrettably the

project was not completed.   The road going engine equates to the Spitfire – Rolls Royce Merlin engine.


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